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What is the Bulk Fuel Contract?

The bulk fuel contract provides a fully procured and managed utility contracts (gas, electricity, water and liquid fuel) that you can access. These are bought in bulk to supply a number of large public sector organisations across the country, providing access to the best possible price.

How will the bulk fuel Contract benefit you?

By pooling our consumption with other organisations and using regularly reviewed and flexible buying strategies our brokers can get the best price.

As part of this service you will also have access to our energy database to input meter reads and monitor your consumption and bills, and our quarterly e-newsletter to keep you fully up to date with energy industry changes that will affect you.

How do you access the bulk fuel contract?

The bulk fuel contract can be accessed as a single service.

If you want to use our contracts, there is a small fee (p/kWh or p/cubic meter or p/litre) which is added to your bill and then the supplier passes this through to us to reduce your admin burden.  We are fully transparent with our fees so just ask.