Fact and Action Sheet for Electrical Equipment in Schools


1. Switching computer monitors off saves more than 60% of electricity used by the
computer. Saves 2/3 of energy.

2. 40% of the school’s energy bill is spent on lighting.

3. Replacing 1 light bulb with an energy saving one can save enough energy to make 50slices of toast in 1 day. (Enough breakfast for 25 pupils)

4. Leaving lights on in even in a small teaching area costs £200 per year.

5. Typical PC on throughout the school day uses £15 of energy throughout the year.

6. PC left on all the time over a year produces 0.8 tonnes CO2.

7. A laser printer on during the school day without standby will use £12 of electrical energyper year. If not switched off at all, annual cost = £60

8. A photocopier left switched on overnight uses enough energy to make 5300photocopies.


1. School Energy Team to switch off lights in classrooms, (toilets) at beginning of break,lunch times and at the end of the day.

2. Avoid blinds being drawn and lights being left on. 3-10% saving on energy bills justthrough good housekeeping.

3. Put power saving modes on PCs and uses energy saving features on photocopiers.

4. Switch off PC monitors when not being used in lesson and at break and lunch times.

5. Use economy/draft mode when printing, print double sided.

6. Don’t turn printers on until ready to use them.

7. Photocopiers: switch off larger machines for part of the school day. (Important to liaise with staff about practicalities.)