Reading your new AMR meter

First check your bill: if there are two readings on your bill labelled Night and Day then you should take two readings from the meter.

Some meters are set up to cycle automatically through the registers, while with others you need to press the SELECT button to cycle through the registers. These meters are programmable and are not always set up the same way.

The registers we are interested in are the ones with kWH. These are usually labelled on the left with R01, R02 and total. There are usually additional registers such as Time, Date, kVar etc – you don’t need to record these.

  1. Switch to the registers) with ‘KWH’ or wait until you see the register with ‘KWH’ – the numbers show your meter reading.
  2. Note down the reading including any zeros.
  3. You can disregard any numbers after a decimal point.
  4. Repeat if necessary for a second reading.

If you’re not sure which readings to use, note down the contents of every screen (including the labels on the left) and send in an e-mail to Karen; she will e-mail back identifying the reads you need. Alternatively you can send photos of every screen.

Once you have your meter readings, enter them into the SystemsLink database (see the separate SystemsLink Simple User Guide, available from Karen). Contact Karen P Atkinson, Energy Data Officer on 01609 535775 or e-mail if you have any questions.